About Us

EMN'AY has the capacity to transform the experiences and the spaces around us, as we employ a holistic view in our construction project management processes to deliver efficacious and functional results to various complex project types. We understand that a project's purpose, requirements, and context can be better addressed through an integrated approach, where the process carried through from pre-construction to construction to post-construction stages.

Ever since from the humble beginnings from Muhib Builders, since 2011 we have grown to become one of the leading firms that brings added value to our client's businesses, organizations, and consumers, in advancing their organization's vision. Our team of professionals have thorough understanding and extensive experience in managing large-scale project types that lead to an increase in the performance of the projects, that results in effective and functional building projects.

We are dedicated to enriching development strategies and advancing project deliveries. Our firm utilizes technology and management tools to further improve communication, workflow, and collaboration. From project inception to completion through to handing over the keys, EMN'AY offers a fully integrated suite of development and construction project management. As ever, we are steadfast in our efforts to provide exceptional results at every phase of the project. We strive for excellence, delivering with integrity, on time, as per budget and of a high quality. Our team is amongst the best in the industry and is highly motivated to achieve great outcomes. Essentially, all this means that your interests will be vigorously represented by highly experienced people at EMN'AY who have a proven track record, the know-how and systems to successfully deliver your project and who genuinely care about excellent outcomes.