Construction Management

At Emnay Design, our clients benefit from our distinctive proficiency in managing construction efforts. Having previously engaged in a wide-range of project types including complex and highly-accelerated facilities, we offer this delivery approach to our clients so that they benefit from savings generated through integrated efficiencies in coordination of the planning, design and construction processes. We engage in high-level project management services, operating as CM as advisors, and in certain instances, as CM at risk. Emnay Design consists of a multidisciplinary team of professionals who coordinate all construction activities and can directly manage the construction process with on-site supervision. We engage thorough pre-construction planning and coordination stages, and offer estimating, scheduling, logistics and constructability analysis.

We assist our clients in management of the bidding and procurement processes, from contractor vetting to awarding. Our construction management services are further supported by utilization of the latest generation of software programs, which reinforce efforts in estimating, scheduling and document control.

Design Led Design Build (DLDB)

Emnay design offers DLDB as a comprehensive level of integration and collaboration of design and construction. With DLDB, Emnay Design assumes whole leadership and responsibility for everything, from team formation, due diligence, preliminary planning through final design documentation, and daily management of construction efforts. This integrated approach serves as the highest level of risk management for our clients. It also offers the greatest degree of control, flexibility and value early in the process.