Design Development and Strategy

EMN'AY believes that inclusive planning, coupled with sound implementation understanding are a significant contributor to a project's success. Having worked with projects of varying scales in multiple localities, we have gained a thorough understanding of the costs, schedules, and construction delivery requirements. We assist our clients with the requisite knowledge, tools, and relationships to ensure that optimized solutions are realized throughout project's construction efforts. As we work towards achieving our clients' goals and center our focus on project delivery excellence, we serve as client advocates and agents in the implementation and construction of the facilities.

EMN'AY integrates design and project delivery expertise, by engaging an in-depth cost, schedule, and constructability knowledge early in the design development stage. After successful completion of the design development stages, we facilitate our clients by tailoring the project's programmatic requirements with development solutions that respond to the complex scope-schedule-cost balances needed for construction. Our efforts directly result in considerable cost reduction and waste mitigation, as we ensure an integrated approach to the exploration of efficient, cost-effective, and knowledgeable solutions meets the strategic business objectives of our clients.

EMN'AY also extends its expertise in alternative construction delivery methods tailored to suit each client and project's requirements, including Construction Management, Extended AE Services, Design-Led Design-Build, and Program Management.