Mr. Abdul Razzak Dawood,
Chairman, Descon Pvt Limited and Rector Lahore Univeristy of Management Sciences

"The transformation of the space inside the Business School has been absolutely phenomenal! Mubeen knew how to implement a design process that made the best use of the configuration of institutional space and shaped our (SDSB Leadership) collective vision into a finished product that has turned out even better than we had imagined."

Dr. Arif N. Butt,
Dean, Suleman Dawood School of Business at Lahore University of Management Sciences

"(Emnay Design's) proposal has been appreciated by everyone who has come across it - from Razzak Dawood to the custodial staff. The current Business School Faculty were at first reserved at having to relocate to another space. Seeing the completed design helped make that transition to the new building easier and smoother for all faculty."

Mr. Khurshid Anwer,
Chief Executive Officer, Ecoway International FZE, Kleanex International Pvt. Limited

"Mubeen's firm Emnay Design was engaged for the development of our 8000 square feet Industrial and mix-use Building situated at Sunder Industrial Estate, Lahore. From initial Schematic Design to Post Occupancy stage, the architectural design consultancy addressed a multitude of interlinked components through an integrated approach. The design streamlined the production cycle through strategic alignment of spaces within the design, increased efficiency in the Building's circulation & airflow and allowed greater flexibility for future development on Site."

Mrs. Zeba Haq

"One of the things that impressed us during their (Emnay Design's) process was how Mubeen and other members of the firm helped us gain a deeper appreciation for what a home really can be, and they were able to take all of our ideas and needs and create a space that was extremely useful, economical, cost efficient, and pleasing."