Extended Services

Engaging in a project as CM advisors, we understand that sometimes project requirements call for a separation of roles between designer and constructor. Thus, continuing to build on our construction experience, Emnay Design offers to assume greater responsibility and goes beyond the traditional construction administration service. We offer our clients to choose from a wide-ranging core delivery services to further customize the combination of skills that best serves the needs of their project, including design-led design-build, or program management, and/or cost estimators.

Program Management

Emnay Design's Program Management serves as an extension of client's organization team. Emnay Design's project managers are skilled in leading the entire architectural, planning, and construction process, for either an individual project or a multi-disciplinary program. Throughout process, we employ critical tools to enhance the performance and quality of program management services. We engage in regular communication and active participation in the decisions necessary to ensure a successful process and realization. Our program management services range from preconstruction and feasibility analysis to budget development and cost control. In addition, scheduling, selection of project team members including architecture, engineering, and construction partners, and managing the entire implementation and closeout process consists of program management service.

Cost Estimating

Emnay Design considers cost regulation to be a critical part of the design and construction process. We strive towards accurate alignment of project scope and budget, minimizing costly and time-consuming redesign. Based on hands-on construction experiences gained from working with a number of projects in various localities, our practice has been consistently integrating cost estimating resources from the initial design development stages to later processes. We go a step further than simply estimating design concepts and alternatives. Rather, we engage design-cost management tools to develop designs that meet critical client goals, develop cost information management systems supported by latest technology, and draw upon our network of offices and construction trade contractor relationships.