Facility Optimization

Facility Optimization is about enabling clients with hard data to advance their development and strategic planning. Utilizing a number of innovative tools to collect relevant data, we assist our clients to develop capital plans and budgets for management of real estate assets. We believe in forming a long-term partnership with our clients and offer a way to share building expertise with facility directors. Our facility optimization service assists our clients' facilities throughout their entire life cycle, from design and construction through operation, management, maintenance, and protection.

Facility Appraisal

Emnay Design's Facility Assessment offers our clients comprehensive evaluation of the buildings, interior spaces, and systems prior to commencement of development, and post-occupancy. Our team of facility optimization professionals conducts detailed evaluations and compiles data that ranges from a broad system summary to detailed component analysis to creating a long or short range plans. Our assessments include integrating operations, life cycles and capital outlays, and comply with criteria required by governmental and client protocols.

Emergency Management

Part of our facility optimization services includes equipping buildings and facilities with adequate mechanisms in case of emergencies. Emnay Design has firsthand knowledge in what does and does not work in emergency management. Our professionals have years of experience in managing emergency responses at all levels in facilities, and deliver knowledge to our clients to plan for, protect against, respond to, and recover from all manner of incidents and crises.