Is Mentoring Program a part of EMN'AY's work environment?

By all means, yes! EMN'AY values the people who work at the firm and is committed to providing them the opportunities to remain, learn, and grow. The firm is currently incorporating a formal mentoring program for professionals working within the firm. Coupled with a collaborative work environment and hands-on exposure to real-time projects, the mentoring program facilitates in the development of individuals' communicative skills, inter-personal relationships, technical abilities, and leadership skills. While it is commonly understood that every individual is responsible for his/her own overall professional growth, we believe that the mentoring program can assist in that growth.

Is a bonus program offered at EMN'AY?

In addition to receiving industry-standard competitive salary, all EMN'AY professionals are eligible to participate in the annual bonus program. The bonus program is based on individual performance, delivery of results, and organizational profitability. Additional career advancement benefits, generally commenced after completion of one year of continuous service, and will be given consideration based on performance, qualifications, length of service and current staffing needs.

Are professional development and career advancement opportunities a part of the Firm's committment?

EMN'AY recognizes and thrives on the dedication and creativity of the professionals who work within the firm - they are the individuals who make exciting contributions to the environment around us. We are thus committed to creating a sustainable,result-oriented, inclusive work environment, and strives to become a firm that welcomes, respects, and enhances the capacity of every professional.

Are student internships offered at EMN'AY?

We host 2-3 month summer internship, and 1-2 month winter internship placements that provide undergraduate and graduate students from across the country with an opportunity to experience real-world, hands-on exposure to complex and interdisciplinary projects engaged by Emnay Design. The internship position is competitive, as it provides an opportunity to experience diverse aspects of the development and project management. To apply, please review the submission requirements posted on internship openings. Intern candidates are requested to submit single PDF file with cover letter, resume, and portfolio (maximum size 5MB) to Where applicable, interns are eligible for remuneration.

How do I apply to EMN'AY and check the status of my application?

EMN'AY would not want to miss out on a good candidate and we are always keen to hearing from you. Although each job profile has its own specific requirements, there are certain things we can all agree on: that we want to understand what makes you stand out and learn all the unique and interesting things about you. Thus it is important that you provide us with the most updated CV/resume, containing the right email and contact address, and samples of your work upon submission of your application.

All applications can be sent to Please know that all communication regarding careers and internships will be conducted through email. In certain instances, should your application be selected to be moved on to the next stage of the recruitment process, you will be notified via email only. We will also notify you even if your application does not proceed to the next stage at this time. Of course, we are certainly open to working with you in the future, and will be in touch if something suitable comes up.

EMN'AY places a lot of effort in finding talented candidates. Even if there are no current openings at this time, but you would like to work with us, we welcome you to register your interest by sending us an email with your credentials at Should an applicable opportunity arise, we will certainly be in touch soon!

Please know that phone call inquiries regarding application status will not be entertained.