Material Analysis

Emnay Design utilizes a life-cycle approach to the analysis of materials selected for the building projects. Potential material product choices and decisions are thoroughly analyzed and are collaboratively reviewed with our clients before implementation on project site. We employ a selection criterion that is fully integrated with the functionality, effectiveness, and quality for our clients' and projects' requirements. Our material analysis process consists of identifying specific product performance and sustainability objectives. We evaluate an array of products available in market, as well as continually research in fabricating new ones based on innovative combination of materials and techniques. For a number of projects of varying scales, we have previously experimented with several material types of multiple dimensions, including recycled content, volatile organic compound content, and biodegradable ones. Depending on the project type, our material analysis consists of selection of material based on the need for future reuse, energy efficiency, cost, durability, and quality.

We continually research in the field of sustainability of products, and seek locally extracted and manufactured materials that are based on low-energy manufacturing practices, and manufacturer-issued material conservation policies and warranties. We review the materials and its application in conjunction with the over-arching building requirements, and selections are quantified with their contribution to the project's overall sustainable design profile.