Atrium House


The design of the Atrium House is an integration of energy-needs of a residence with the site's climatic conditions. The architecture renews an attitude to design much closer to eastern tradition, with regard to spatial planning as per clients requirements, and resolving into two functional zones. The project attempts to alleviate one of the greatest concerns in private residential and general construction of Lahore, through use of design gestures that minimize heat accumulation within the residence, and allowing for greater natural ventilation throughout the structure. Major portion of the house is situated behind a planar wall that slices the front of the house, forming an entrance vestibule. The double height of the entrance serves as a wind catcher and air passageway, cooling the house in the process and allowing for natural light to diffuse through.

The formal entertainment and dining areas are allocated adjacent to each other, which can be partitioned off by the use of a folding screen to create individual gathering spaces, or serve as a large formal space. The bedrooms are elevated a couple of feet above the entertainment space, with a view overlooking the shared courtyard niche, allowing light to enter, while aiding in the natural cooling of the space.

Light that enters through the large windows on the façade is controlled by sliding louver system made of traditional and local wood, regulated to adjust the light quality within the space, and the spacing controlled to maximize view to the front lawn. The relatively planar façade with extensive glazing of the house lends the building a cool transparency, which is not present in many of the architecture examples in Lahore.