CIIT School of Arts and Architecture


At a time when educators are implementing new ideas in pedagogy, curricula and organizational models in education, the reinvention of an appropriate learning environment deserves equal attention. The Center for Arts and Architecture will thus present an opportunity to re-imagine the school learning environment and explore how knowledge facilities must evolve to provide comprehensive opportunities for learning.

The School for Arts and Architecture will be part of the development of a design that consists of detailed analysis and a study of interconnections of spaces with the environment in which it is situated. The challenges education and educational facilities currently experience is not unique to the Islamabad. Many cities throughout Pakistan are faced with a growing achievement gap between high performing and poor performing schools. Therefore, design, as a consequence and its detailed development a part of a communicative process between the designer and the environment, The School for Arts and Architecture will manifest as an appropriate response to the spaces required for learning and dispersion of knowledge in the fields of art, architecture and other studio based programs.

The spaces will comprise of a large number of programmatic set of requirements. The proposed building will study comfort, spatial needs and fulfillment of technological needs as part of an integral process of design.