Kleanex HQ and Production Facility


Kleanex, an established firm operating in Pakistan specializing in industrial and chemical products, required a new facility that would support its production assets and accommodate large office space all in one area. Located just outside the City of Lahore (Pakistan), this project consisted of over five thousand square feet of main production house, and approximately three-thousand square feet of commercial office building. The resulting proposition addressed a multitude of critical inter-linked components through an integrated approach. The proposed design streamlined the production cycle through strategic alignment of spaces within the design, increased efficiency in the facility's workspaces, enhanced circulation, acoustic, and airflow through improved utilization of materials and resources, and allowed for greater flexibility for future development on site. The different programs were allocated strategically in close proximity to each other to minimize circulation flow, reduce floor area, and to maximize resource efficiency and site frontage area. In addition, airflow efficiency was made possible by undulating and "fanning" the outer/south-facing wall. This special wall contained angled segments of full length openings that have high-powered exhaust fans releasing air out west, and away from the adjacent program. The angled orientation of the wall also facilitates in reducing direct impact inside the space due to Lahore’s harsh summer sun. Resultantly, the detrimental effects of intense heat are reduced inside the building.