Roots Millennium School


The design of this new flagship school located in DHA Lahore facilitates better education through comprehensive process involving construction and maintenance of healthy, safe and modern design rationales that generate a conducive environment for learning. The fundamental objective of the proposal has been to develop a high quality and appropriate academic spatial experience that raises the profile of RMS for students and community with a clear brand. Using systematic planning, the proposed design improves the functionality, maximizes efficiency, and integrates technology into the building. Through creation of state-of-the-art, flexible spaces, a clean, inegrated, and modern design is achieved, which complements the application of proposaed material and gives the space a feeling of openness, and also improve opportunities for collaboration among the students. Each phase of the project is interconnected and provides ample emergency egresses, including a minium of two double-leaf door in each classroom, lab, and related function. Construction is underway.